Le Sacre du printemps

I have limited time to paint, work demands take over my days at the moment, and I’ve been itching to get at my brushes, paper and water. I keep reading that the fastest way to improve skills is to do lots of small pieces quickly. Then a friend advises me to think more purposefully about mark making , – essentially can I make fewer marks to tell the story ?

So, I decided to make a few pieces much faster, and with far far fewer marks. The first picture comes from The English National Ballet performing Le Sacre du printemps. The challenge was to capture the movement of a whole ballet company on stage with a few simple brushstrokes.

The second painting comes from a tutorial completed from YouTube (link here). The challenge here was to paint in a more detailed and exact manner, focusing on the shadows.

In the third painting I tried to capture 3 people dancing with 3 pen-strokes, just 3 pen strokes. I really really enjoyed making this picture ! Love, unity, fun and diversity sprang to mind. Let’s call this picture Freedom !

The 4th picture is an ink and wash. I wanted to make a simple drawing with the pen, taking some of the serious pomposity of painting out of the image, and then to have an explosion of colour in the dancer’s tutu. Again, I loved making this paint !

It’s all good learning on this journey of discovery.

Daniel, Bangkok, March 2017



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