Sketching the Lanna Kingdom

We got a long weekend, and so escaped the hot frenzy of Bangkok for the cool calm of Chiang Mai, capital of The Lanna Kingdom in northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is a beautiful old city with a concentration of amazing temples. Every little back soi seems to reveal another awesome colourful temple clad in shiny mirrors. The city can, at times, seem as if it were made for curling up in coffee shops with a good book (indeed, the best book shop east of Charing Cross Road is in Chiang Mai – check out BackStreet Books – it’s an absolute treasure trove).

Chiang Mai is also perfect for wandering around with a sketch book, and losing yourself in making images. I chose line and wash, but this beautiful city lends itself to any medium.
There is nothing that I enjoy more than finding a gorgeous Wat, lit in the beautiful Thai winter light, and spending an hour or two putting down a sketch. Chiang Mai – I’ll be back !

Daniel, Bangkok, Dec 2016.


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