Closing Time

Leaving the North East of England to go and live in London at 18yrs old was a time of great excitement for me. The world seemed so full of possibilities, opportunities and colour. Everything was new, to be discovered, and more vibrant than my past. I used to carry my stuff in an army green kit bag when travelling back & forwards between the London & the North East. I was always sad when leaving London, and always excited to return to it’s vibrant colours which contrasted so strongly with the North East.
Living in Asia for the last 12 years has very strong parallels with those early days in London. I am constantly enlivened by the sites, sounds and colours of Asian life. When I return to the UK it seems monochrome, tame and dull by comparison. Now, some people in the UK have decided to leave the European Union, I feel like the country is closing itself off, losing colour, shutting off the lights, turning down the music. Closing Time.

Daniel, Bangkok, Oct 2016



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