World Watercolour Month (part 1)

July is World Watercolour Month ! Paint a watercolour everyday for the month of July. For more details see the excellent Doodlewash blog. I was inspired by Judith over at her wonderful Artistcoveries blog to get involved, do check her blog out, she is a real source of inspiration for a new painter.

So, this is my first update, half way through the month. I’ve been very busy travelling, and using the opportunity to paint. I started the month in Siem Reap, Cambodia, then travelled back to Bangkok for a few days before going down to the beach at Koh Samet, Thailand. I then travelled on to Hong Kong for a few days, before returning to Bangkok. These amazing locations give inspiration and many opportunities to sketch and draw, however sometimes all of that new inspiration can make it more difficult to simplify ideas and to capture that thought on paper. I have also been interested in how I can paint something that I’m really pleased with, and then on subsequent days only produce deathly duds. I guess that one good painting does not automatically lead to more good paintings. Here are the first 14 days of World Watercolor Month.

Daniel, Bangkok, July 2016


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