phallic & mammary disasters = good outcome ?

I had an idea for dark toned objects set against a lightly toned landscape of the same hue. My first thought was to paint haystacks, commonly seen around Pai, as the dark toned objects. I happily set about my painting, and was very happy with the sky and  mountains, the tones and gradations had worked well. I then started to paint the haystacks, and immediately saw the (huge) problem. Not only did they not look like haystacks, they looked like something much more phallic instead ! I was a bit disconsolate, and abandoned the project, and painting for that day.

The next day I decided to turn my hand to painting more mountain scenery. I rode up to a great lookout spot, and made a sketch of which I was very pleased. I then started to paint the sketch. The background light (or ‘tea) tones went in well, and then I started to paint the foreground (‘milk’ & ‘honey’) tones. Again, a disaster started to appear in front of me on the page. The hills appeared to look like two huge green breasts. Oh dear, I gave up on that project and disconsolately gave up painting for the rest of that day.
I ruminated, and scrawled on the disaster. I started thinking about shapes that were easily recognisable, shapes that even if not painted well would be understood by the viewer. I considered what are the most iconic shapes of a tropical landscape, and came up with palm trees. As such, I returned to the original project, and came up with the painting below.

Daniel, Bangkok, 2016



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