Pai – tones and temperament

It was just me, my painting gear, and a week in a little hut by the river in the beautiful village of Pai on the northern Thai border with Burma. Pai is tucked up a valley in the mountains of northern Thailand, it’s surrounded on all sides by inspiring mountains, whilst the valley is filled with picturesque rice paddies, and Thai rural life. This is a landscape painter’s dream.

I’d been looking forward to the trip for months, anticipating long hours to lose myself in solitary painting. As it turned out I did do a lot of painting, but less than I expected. The focus and concentration that I need when I paint is tiring, and I found that I just couldn’t keep this up for more than a few hours each day.

I tried to develop my use of tones whilst painting in Thai, applying the ‘tea, milk, honey’ technique, with varying degrees of success. However, like everything in painting the more that I practice the more this will become second nature to me.

Finally, rather than focus on what I wanted the finished product to look like I tried to dwell in the moment of creation, and paint more according to my mood than to any expected audience. This is far easier said than done.

My favourite painting Pai was featured in the previous post (Scale in life), I repost it here as part of a collection, and I post a few other pictures that I was fairly pleased with.

I’ve posted some photos of my time in Pai at my photography site: click here to view.

Daniel, Bangkok June 2016


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