Sala spoiled ?

This painting came out of a recent trip to Lumphini Park in Bangkok. I was struck by the tropical themes of the park (I still get a thrill out of living in the tropics, even after 11 years here). Three ‘tropical themes’ particularly struck me:
1. The tropical colours of bright green foliage, Phathlo blue skies mixed with pinks & oranges.
2. The Sala – it’s such an evocative building, and so Thai-type architecture.
3. Palm Trees – look I’m from England, the local park where I grew up was a cold, muddy grey place, now my local park is a tropical palm paradise.

So, I painted a picture with these three themes together. The result (as seen in the first picture) was very disappointing, I think it’s flat, has no definition, and there’s no focal point. The painting sat around my aprtment for a few days, and I tried to ignore it’s existence. Then a phrase from Alvaro Castagnet came back to me: “you have to spoil a picture to finish it”. So, I went back into the painting, put my shading in, gave it a focal paint, deepened some colours. I’m now far happier with the finished result.

Daniel, Bangkok, June 2016


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