Lanterns of Chinatown

Sketching in Chinatown, Bangkok, in Jan 2016, just before the Chinese New Year. It was a red hot roasting afternoon, the sort of afternoon when standing in the shade is the only option for the demi-sane. Yoraworat Rd was extra-busy, but then Yoraworat Rd only does extra busy. Trying to find a less-hot spot to stand and observe, amongst the throngs of people, the buses, the motorbikes, the cars and the food carts. It was just a matter of trying to focus on those red lanterns – all the chaos revolves around those red lanterns.

Chinatown is the best place in central Bangkok to see the old buildings of this city, to see some of the character of the tumbledown, topsy-turvy, unkempt beauty of disorder.

Daniel, Bangkok, Feb 2016



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