Bangkok Beat toons !

During a recent night out at (the excellent) Check Inn 99 I was incredibly struck by a cartoon, hanging on the wall, of life on Sukhumvit Road. I whipped out my phone, and surreptitiously tried to grab a shot of the cartoon. Within seconds a waitress arrived at my side and pleasantly told me that the cartoon was the art work for a book cover. She presented me with a copy of the book, which could be mine for 400 baht. The book, “Bangkok Beat”, is a history of Check Inn 99 (a fascinating bar with an amazing history), and the many colourful characters who have been associated with the bar over the years.

Of course, I bought a copy of the book, and am thoroughly looking forward to reading it during my Christmas vacation. Looking at the front cover, I decided to try to recreate a similar cartoon to Colin Cotterill’s wonderful artwork. My meagre attempt was looking up Asoke from Petchaburi Rd to Sukhumvit. I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together, however the drawing was far more challenging than I expected.

Daniel, Bangkok Dec 2015.



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