Kanchanaburi Oct 2015

Painting outdoors is the romantic image of the watercolourist that we all have…, Constable on the Suffolk Broads, Turner on Margate seafront…,

Painting outdoors in Thailand’s 38C, 80% humidity bright sunshine may be a slightly different matter, particularly when it comes to watercolour.

I was in Kanchanaburi, in N.Western Thailand earlier this week. This is a rolling green field, pan-versal blue sky, part of Thailand, with ‘hills’ which nearly count as mountains in these parts, they give great backdrops to a quasi bucolic romanticism. Suffice to say, it’s a very picturesque region of this most picturesque country.

So, it’s very hot. Water & paint dry very quickly – washes have to be put down and blended quickly, this is not Stockton-on-Tees, Daniel.

I painted with watercolour, and experimented with soft pastels. I’m in a very early phase of learning how to use pastels. I’ve made 2 images with them so far, neither particularly pleasing to me,  but this is a learning process.



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